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Webinar on improving patient experience

2022: The Opportunities of Digitization, the Challenges of Health Equity, Workforce Shortages and Trust

The road ahead for health organizations presents solid opportunities and equally daunting challenges. Join guest Natalie Schibell, senior analyst at Forrester, and host Patrick Hunt, chief evangelist for Lirio, as they traverse an ever-changing landscape brought by COVID-19, a workforce shortage, and the promise that virtual care, hospital-at-home, and other remote care modalities present for 2022.
In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why health disparities will harm rural Americans at twice the rate of urban Americans
  • Who will benefit the most when more hospitals begin adopting a hospital-at-home model
  • What is causing healthcare to exit the “trusted category” as misinformation and cyber security threats persist
  • How Lirio’s hyper-personalized communication solutions can help hospitals and health systems overcome a range of barriers to preventive care – especially as those barriers change so quickly and broadly

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The Next Phase of Telehealth

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patient vaccine hesitancy

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