Move members to engage with benefits that lead to better outcomes and lower costs.


Closing Gaps
in Care


Member Satisfaction
& Loyalty

Lirio for Payers

Help Members Navigate, Enroll, and Engage

When members don’t engage with their health plan benefits, it leads to worse outcomes and higher financial costs for them and your organization.

Lirio’s Personalization Engine and Precision Nudging® interventions are designed to help your members navigate, enroll in, and engage with the services they need to live healthier lives.

We deliver hyper-personalized communications with the right content, at the right time, and across the right channels to nudge individuals to match with primary care providers, utilize virtual care options, participate in health programs, and more.

The platform pulls in personal health information and eligibility information for clinical and non-clinical interventions, meaning we don’t simply recommend the best coverage option or product for the member.

We guide them to the right actions based on your healthcare expertise to close gaps in care and support healthier populations.

Lirio for Payers
Lirio for Payers

One-to-One Personalization

Move people to care solutions that match their unique health journeys.

We move past standard demographic segmentation to create highly tailored communications that make individuals feel known.

By aligning AI-driven recommendations with a deep understanding of a person’s context and health history, Lirio’s interventions augment human-to-human relationships built on trust and empathy.

The result: members take health actions aligned with your expert guidance.

Lirio for Payers
Lirio for Payers

Sustained Engagement

Build a population of active health participants.

The Lirio platform continuously learns from each individual’s interactions. Our behavioral interventions adapt in real time based on an ever-deepening understanding of your population.

Through this approach, we help you motivate people to stay engaged with their health and your organization.

The result: an empowered and healthier member population and reduced cost of care.

Lirio for Payers
Lirio for Payers

Healthier Populations

Improve outcomes and champion value-based care.

Lirio helps you reach more people earlier with the right care solutions.

Our clinically informed personalization engine integrates personal health information and intervention eligibility so you can guide members on their unique, ongoing health journeys, address health equity issues, and close gaps in care.

The result: higher quality scores and long-term success in a value-based care environment.

Lirio for Payers
Lirio for Payers

Lower Total Cost of Care

Take care of your population and your bottom line.

Healthcare is not about increasing online transactions; it’s about improving people’s lives. And, when you improve your population’s lives, you improve your business.

We automate many of the ongoing touchpoints with your population so you can maintain engagement at scale while strategically allocating limited resources.

The result: fewer high-cost care scenarios and stronger operational performance.

Lirio for Payers

Payer Precision Nudging™ Interventions

Our growing number of Precision Nudging interventions cover health behaviors and actions across the care continuum. These interventions go beyond a point solution to create a comprehensive, informed path to better health.


  • Digital Engagement
  • Virtual Care
  • Wellness Program Engagement

Preventive Care

  • Well Visits
  • Mammography
  • Colorectal Screening
  • Prostate Screening

Chronic Care

  • Medication Adherence
  • Condition Management

Episodic Care

  • Transitions of Care

Financial Management

  • Health Plan Member Enrollment
Lirio Again Named a Top Workplace Based on Feedback from Employees

Lirio Again Named a Top Workplace Based on Feedback from Employees

Lirio, which uses artificial intelligence and behavioral science to hyper-personalize healthcare consumer experiences, has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2023 honor by Knoxville Top Workplaces. The company was recognized for the second time it participated in the program, has also received recognition as a national Best Workplace by Inc. Magazine, and received the Pinnacle Award for Best Mid-Sized Company by the Knoxville Chamber.