Case Study: Top 20 Health System Moves 87% of Unengaged Patients with Diabetes Toward PCP Visits

Managing diabetes and the related co-morbidities requires consistent physician care to monitor key factors like A1C and ensure proper medications are available to the patient. 

Patients inconsistently utilizing primary care physicians (PCPs) generate multiple downstream effects, straining emergency rooms and leaving patients in a higher risk state that requires more costly interventions to manage the resultant symptoms. The rate of patient admissions for people with diabetes averages 33.9% in a year.

Recognizing this challenge, a top 20 health system in the US partnered with Lirio to co-develop a Precision Nudging™ solution utilizing hyper-personalized patient communications for people with diabetes. 

The solution successfully moved unengaged patients to schedule and attend their diabetes care PCP visits, and in 3 months, it paid for itself. 

Download the case study below.


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