Improving patient engagement

Info Sheet: Now is the Time to Bridge the Healthcare Intelligence Gap

True digital transformation is finally at hand in healthcare, and it has ushered in a new standard of patient experience. With the dramatic shift to consumer-friendly and virtual care options, patients are looking for more personalized care.

resource on cognitive bias in healthcare

How to Connect with Patients as Individuals: 10 Behavioral Biases Healthcare Systems Should Know [eBook]

Understanding how cognitive bias influences healthcare behaviors can enable those charged with improving population health to drive positive healthcare behavior change. This ebook provides a quick overview on how cognitive biases hold a key to encouraging healthy behaviors, followed by briefs on ten thoughtfully selected biases. Think of it as a valuable resource for your population health toolkit, designed to help you step even closer to the idea of patients as individuals who want, need, and deserve a more personalized care experience.

patient vaccine hesitancy

Info Sheet: Help Eradicate COVID-19 by Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more widely available, getting as many patients vaccinated as quickly as possible, so that the country can reach herd immunity, is healthcare’s newest pandemic challenge. Learn more about how Lirio can address vaccine hesitancy for your community.

resource on cognitive bias in healthcare

Infographic: How to Navigate the AI Maze in Healthcare

While AI is still relatively new to the industry, the global healthcare AI market is growing fast. Understanding its application is critical to determining which solutions can actually make a difference in care delivery and business operations…

patient vaccine hesitancy

Infographic: The Digital Health Revolution: Leaving No One Behind

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for the rapid adoption of digital healthcare tools, and creates a window of opportunity to reshape healthcare. Learn about healthcare shifts in a COVID-19 landscape, and the critical role person-centered communication plays in getting your community to adjust to the “new normal” of healthcare.

Bias Briefs

Curiosity – Lirio Bias Brief

Curiosity – Lirio Bias Brief

Lirio delivers results by drawing insights from hundreds of behavioral biases and theories. Our Bias Brief series walks through specific biases one by one, each thoughtfully selected from our long list of insights. Read on for a brief rundown on the chosen bias,...

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