Lirio’s Precision Nudging® Interventions

Lirio partners with you to hyper-personalize interventions that move people along their unique journeys to better health.

Health Behaviors We Support

The Lirio platform powers behavioral interventions that nudge people along their unique health journeys via hyper-personalized communications.


  • Digital Engagement
  • Virtual Care
  • Wellness Program Engagement

Preventive Care

  • Vaccination
  • PCP/Well Visits
  • Mammography
  • Colorectal Screening
  • Prostate Screening

Chronic Care

  • Diabetes Care
  • Medication Adherence
  • Condition Management

Episodic Care

  • Transitions of Care
  • Remote Patient Monitoring

Financial Management

  • Patient Acquisition
  • Health Plan Member Enrollment
  • Patient Financial Journey

Moving People Across the Continuum of Care

Lirio’s Personalization Engine addresses a range of needs and demands that healthcare organizations face.

The Lirio platform powers behavioral interventions that nudge people along their unique health journeys via hyper-personalized communications.

When you partner with us, we help you create an engagement strategy – based on our library of interventions – that aligns with your organizational goals.

Patient Acquisition & Member Enrollment

People have more choices than ever before when it comes to where they receive care and how they participate in benefits.

To compete in this broadening landscape, maintain steady operations, and expand your growth opportunities, you must attract and engage patients and members with intention.

Health Systems: Lirio powers interventions that nudge patients to receive preventive care services like well visits and cancer screenings.

Payers: Lirio helps you guide prospective members to enroll in benefits and take advantage of the preventative care services you cover.


Closing Gaps in Care

Part of the shift to value-based care models requires healthcare organizations to resolve the gaps in care that occur when patients don’t follow recommendations for medication adherence, cancer screenings, well visits, and more.

These costly gaps lead to late-stage diagnoses, disease advancement, and increased mortality – particularly among vulnerable populations.

Health Systems: Our interventions focused on behaviors like medication adherence, vaccinations, and screenings help you provide better care to more people earlier to improve your STARS ratings and succeed in a value-based environment.

Payers: Lirio interventions help you match members to primary care providers and preventative measures that lower the overall cost of care and support better HEDIS CAHPS scores.

Care Transitions

Each person’s health journey involves transitions that healthcare organizations must manage with a precise and thoughtful approach to reduce readmissions, keep costs low, and deliver value-based care.

With Lirio’s Precision Nudging interventions, you can successfully move patients and members to their next phases of care by nudging them to engage in healthy behaviors consistently.

Health Systems: Deliver interventions that nudge people to follow treatment plans so they realize improved health and move to the next care setting on their journey.

Payers: Support members with interventions that nudge them to take advantage of programs and benefits that help them effectively manage their health and prepare for the next phase of care.

Patient + Member Satisfaction & Loyalty

Because your population has more healthcare options at their fingertips than ever, you must deliver the kind of experiences that nudge them to stay engaged with your organization.

Lirio helps you do this with behavioral interventions that make them feel known and connected to your organization.

Health Systems: Leverage Lirio’s interventions to develop seamless digital experiences that give your patients agency and inspire brand loyalty.

Payers: Nudge your members with interventions focused on empanelment and virtual care utilization, creating streamlined benefits experiences.