Lirio’s Precision Nudging™ Interventions

Lirio partners with you to hyper-personalize interventions that move consumers along their unique journeys to better health.

Health Behaviors We Support

Lirio’s Precision Nudging Interventions cover a range of health behaviors and actions that lead to improved outcomes across the continuum of care.


  • Digital Engagement
  • Virtual Care
  • Wellness Program Engagement

Preventive Care

  • Vaccination
  • PCP/Well Visits
  • Mammography
  • Colorectal Screening
  • Prostate Screening

Chronic Care

  • Diabetes Care
  • Medication Adherence
  • Condition Management

Episodic Care

  • Transitions of Care
  • Remote Patient Monitoring

Financial Management

  • Patient Acquisition
  • Health Plan Member Enrollment
  • Patient Financial Journey

Moving People across the Continuum of Care

Lirio’s personalization engine addresses a range of needs and demands that healthcare organizations face.

Through Precision Nudging, we create hyper-personalized experiences that help you acquire and engage more consumers, close gaps in care, promote condition management, and increase consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

Consumer Acquisition & Engagement

PCP/Well Visits · Mammography · Colorectal Screening · Prostate Screening · Patient Acquisition · Health Plan Member Enrollment

The combination of smaller staffs, tighter budgets, and rapid digital health adoption has put a spotlight on healthcare consumerism like never before.

To maintain steady operations, compete with retail healthcare, protect your workforce, and expand your growth opportunities, you must center the consumer and engage them with intention.

Lirio helps you increase consumer volume and retention through Precision Nudging interventions focused on preventive care behaviors, such as well visits and cancer screenings.

Closing Gaps in Care

Digital Engagement · Virtual Care · Wellness Program Engagement · Vaccination · PCP/Well Visits · Mammography · Colorectal Screening · Prostate Screening · Medication Adherence · Condition Management · Patient Financial Journey

When consumers do not follow recommendations for medication adherence, cancer screenings, and well visits, it escalates risks.

These include late-stage diagnoses, disease advancement, and increased mortality – particularly among vulnerable populations. There is also a significant financial cost your organization incurs for these gaps, from lower patient volume and increased treatment costs to cascading impacts on your value-based arrangements and ratings.

Lirio’s Precision Nudging interventions focused on preventive and chronic care behaviors help you provide better care to more people earlier, improve health and economic outcomes, and address issues of health equity.

Condition Management

Digital Engagement · Virtual Care · Wellness Program Engagement · Diabetes Care · Medication Adherence · Condition Management · Transitions of Care · Remote Patient Monitoring · Patient Financial Journey

Managing consumers’ well-being over a long health journey requires a precise and thoughtful approach.

But, often people struggle to stick to designated treatment plans due to a wide range of barriers – resulting in high costs for your organization and poor outcomes across your population.

Lirio’s Precision Nudging interventions focused on chronic care behaviors move your consumers to consistently engage with recommended care activities so they can effectively manage their conditions.

Consumer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Digital Engagement · Virtual Care · Wellness Program Engagement · PCP/Well Visits · Diabetes Care · Condition Management · Transitions of Care · Remote Patient Monitoring · Patient Financial Journey

The people in your population have more healthcare options at their fingertips than ever before.

As the trusted, comprehensive health provider in their community, you can connect with them in a way that a fosters an ongoing relationship, drives satisfaction, and makes your organization the obvious choice when they need care.

Through Precision Nudging interventions, Lirio helps your customers feel known and equipped by your organization at each step along their health journey, leading to better experiences and long-term loyalty.