Lirio combines behavioral science and AI to power hyper-personalized health consumer experiences that meaningfully improve outcomes.

When it comes to driving consumer behavior and engagement, what works in other industries doesn’t work in healthcare. Healthcare is not about increasing online transactions; it’s about the opportunity to improve people’s lives.

This requires an understanding of the whole person and context of each consumer and what motivates them to act or holds them back from specific behaviors, continuously learning as those factors change and evolve.

Lirio helps you do this through Precision Nudging™ – our unique approach to consumer activation and engagement that powers our personalization engine for digital health.

Foster personal relationships with your health consumers before they enter your front door (digital or physical) and tailor communications at the right time, in the right ways to move them toward their next best action along their unique health journeys.

Design for Sustained Engagement

We equip you with behavioral intelligence about your population outside the healthcare walls so you can engage on a human level that is inclusive of where they live, work, and play.

This comprehensive understanding informs our behavioral intervention design, which includes personalized content, timing, and communication channels for each person you engage with.

One-to-One Personalization

We help you close the personalization gap with your consumers by moving beyond demographic segmentation, continuously learning from each individual through their interactions with our interventions, and adapting in real time.

With a deeper, broader view of each consumer, you can help them feel known and motivated to engage with their health and your organization.

Outcomes & Consumer Loyalty

We give you tools to create seamless, tailored digital experiences that foster agency, empanelment, satisfaction, and brand loyalty, which results in healthier populations and growth opportunities for your organization.

And when we say outcomes-based, we mean it. Our pricing model is completely integrated with your population’s health outcomes.

How Lirio Moves People

Getting Personal: Real-World Application of Reinforcement Learning for Personalization

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With rise of generative AI and the popularity of ChatGPT, AI is seemingly on everyone’s mind today. Lirio Distinguished Research Fellow Clayton Webster, PhD joins Chief Evangelist Patrick Hunt to explore a different kind of AI–reinforcement learning–and why it is ideal for personalizing digital content experiences. Join us.

AI Webinar: Are You Asking the Right Questions? What’s Really Possible When Machine Learning Scales

Watch the Webinar

Lirio’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist, Chris Symons, Ph.D., takes you through how Machine Learning (ML) has the potential to drive a behaviorally-responsive intelligence platform that understands your patients beyond standard propensity modeling or predictive analytics.

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Predictions 2023: Policy and Regulatory Impacts on Consumerism in Healthcare

Join Lirio’s Chief Evangelist Patrick Hunt and his guest–Dan Boston, President & CEO of Health Policy Source–as they look ahead to the legislative and regulatory environment for consumerism in healthcare in 2023.

The Great Debate: Are Nudges Effective, and What Are Nudges Anyway?

Join Lirio’s Chief Evangelist Patrick Hunt and his guest–Dr. Michael Hallsworth, Managing Director for the Americas of the Behavioral Insights Team–for a discussion about the effectiveness of nudges in moving people to change behavior.

The Health and Economic Impact of Precision Nudging™

Over the past few months, we’ve explored and explained how no-shows and care deferrals have impacted health systems and debated the effectiveness of nudges on moving people to better health. During this event, our own Dr. Amy Bucher, Lirio’s chief behavioral officer…

To Segmentation and Beyond: Hyper-Personalizing Your Patient Engagement Ecosystem

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Chief Behavioral Officer Amy Blucher, Ph.D., joins Patrick Hunt, Lirio’s chief evangelist, to review how Lirio’s Precision Nudging (TM) hyper-personalizes communication through a behavioral intelligence layer, delivering the patient’s next best action to better health and driving improved empanelment and health outcomes.

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The Great Delay: How Deferment Impacts the Entire Consumer Journey of Care

Live Webinar

Join Lirio’s Chief Evangelist Patrick Hunt as he welcomes Ryan Donohue, Strategic Advisor at NRC Health, for an engaging discussion about the impact of deferrals on the patient journey.

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A Matter of Urgency: Using Data and AI to Drive Acquisition and Engagement

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Join Lirio’s Chief Evangelist Patrick Hunt and guest Danny Fell, Senior Strategist at Optum, as they discuss the unification and utilization of data and AI, and how it can drive consumer acquisition and keep current consumers engaged.

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Lirio Again Named a Top Workplace Based on Feedback from Employees

Lirio Again Named a Top Workplace Based on Feedback from Employees

Lirio, which uses artificial intelligence and behavioral science to hyper-personalize healthcare consumer experiences, has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2023 honor by Knoxville Top Workplaces. The company was recognized for the second time it participated in the program, has also received recognition as a national Best Workplace by Inc. Magazine, and received the Pinnacle Award for Best Mid-Sized Company by the Knoxville Chamber.

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