Lirio is a behavior change AI platform that unites behavioral science with artificial intelligence

powering your ability to move people along their unique journey to better health through person-centered communication.


a person’s decision-making biases and barriers to action from available data sources.


personalized behavior change programs based on insight from that data.


those programs within your existing communication channels.


track, and report on people’s journey to better health.

How Lirio Moves People

How Scaling Behavioral Science Advances Diabetes Care and Management

Lirio’s Chandra Y. Osborn, PhD, MPH, is joined by Lindsay S. Mayberry, MS, PhD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and Kelsey Ford, DrPH, Lirio, to discuss barriers to managing diabetes, how tailored communications encoded with behavioral science overcome them, and why scaling behavioral science is a game changer.


Caring for the Caregivers: Engaging Healthcare Staff in Mental Well-being Support

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Listen to Nicole Martel, System Director, Benefits & Well-being, and Anna Derksen, Manager of Well-being and Recognition Operations, for Bon Secours Mercy Health share the resources they have assembled for employee health issues and approaches to engagement.

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Optimizing for Change: Why Your AI Isn’t Solving Your Problem

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Watch Lirio’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist, Chris Symons, Ph.D., and Clayton Webster, Ph.D., Distinguished Research Fellow, as they review the critical role of problem representation in harnessing the power of AI in healthcare.

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Preview the Behavior Change Podcast

How to overcome cognitive biases that stand in the way of helping people make healthier decisions—from vaccinations to dieting and beyond.

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Lessons from a Pandemic: Moving Healthcare Forward for All

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Lirio’s Patrick Hunt speaks with Meghan Aldrich, Vice President – Women’s Health Services, Tara Hillegeer, Director Patient Access – Communication Center, and David Meintel, Vice President – IS&T Business Intelligence, for RRH, about the ways this crisis has changed healthcare for the better.

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Precision Nudging™: The Solution to Scalable Behavior Change

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Hear from Chandra Y. Osborn, Ph.D., M.P.H., Chief Behavioral Officer, Susanne Blazek, Ph.D., Director, Behavioral Research, and Nicholas Griffin, Ph.D., Behavioral Data Scientist, about how Lirio applies Precision Nudging™, and what our early findings have to say about what’s possible.

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