Lirio is a behavior change AI platform that unites behavioral science with artificial intelligence

powering your ability to move people along their unique journey to better health through person-centered communication.


a person’s decision-making biases and barriers to action from available data sources.


personalized behavior change programs based on insight from that data.


those programs within your existing communication channels.


track, and report on people’s journey to better health.

How Lirio Moves People

Precision Nudging™: The Solution to Scalable Behavior Change

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Hear from Chandra Y. Osborn, Ph.D., M.P.H., Chief Behavioral Officer, Susanne Blazek, Ph.D., Director, Behavioral Research, and Nicholas Griffin, Ph.D., Behavioral Data Scientist, about how Lirio applies Precision Nudging™, and what our early findings have to say about what’s possible.

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Lessons from a Pandemic: Moving Healthcare Forward for All

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Lirio COO Marten den Haring speaks with Meghan Aldrich, Vice President – Women’s Health Services, Tara Hillegeer, Director Patient Access – Communication Center, and David Meintel, Vice President – IS&T Business Intelligence, for RRH, about the ways this crisis has changed healthcare for the better.

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Employee Mental Well-Being: Where Are We and What’s Next?

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Join Lirio’s Chief Behavioral Officer, Dr. Chandra Osborn, PhD, MPH and guest speaker Arielle Trzcinski of Forrester Research, as they discuss current trends in employer mental health, the particular challenges of employee burnout, how to match resources to dynamic demand, and how to engage individual employees on the path to mental wellness.

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Re-Engaging Patients and Employees Post-COVID 19: Episode 4

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Lirio’s Michael Becker and Eric Evans of Clayton Homes sat down to discuss the challenges of communicating and supporting employees with the mental and preventive health measures needed to ensure successful business continuity and productivity in a time of COVID-19.

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Re-Engaging Patients and Employees Post-COVID 19: Episode 3

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Lirio’s Chandra Osborn sat down with Dr. Erin Fries and Justin McGoldrick of Bon Secours Mercy Health to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted new approaches to managing population health.

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Lirio Strengthens Behavioral Reinforcement Learning Lab with Top Talent

Lirio has added Justin Beaver, PhD, Raju Vatsavai, PhD, Clayton Webster, PhD, and Suzanne Blazek, PhD to its Behavioral Reinforcement and Learning Lab (BReLL).

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Re-Engaging Patients and Employees Post-COVID 19: Episode 2

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Lirio COO Marten den Haring talks with Ann Mond Johnson, CEO of American Telemedicine Association, about the role of virtual care in this reopening phase and the opportunity to meet people where they are.

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Re-Engaging Patients and Employees Post-COVID 19: Episode 1

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Learn about the role Telehealth plays in the management of the mental and physical health of patients at high risk of COVID-19. Lirio’s Dr. Chandra Osborn talks with Tonya Durant, A-PMHNP, B.C., MA with TeamHealth, and Kelly Kunik, well-known for her role as a patient advocate for those with diabetes, will also explore the impact of virtual care on population health and the patient experience.

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Bon Secours Mercy Health and Lirio Announce Partnership and Investment

Bon Secours Mercy Health and Lirio announce a strategic partnership, initiated by a direct investment from Bon Secours Mercy Health in our innovative behavior change AI platform.

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