Getting people to take healthy actions is an age-old problem.

Solving it starts by understanding how people really work.

The old-school approach is to tell people what they should do and hope it works — It doesn’t. Similarly, one-size-fits-all or even segment-specific efforts via email, SMS, calls, mailings don’t move the needle much. A sliver of the targeted population responds, while the vast majority move toward Amazon, Facebook, and other more magnetic personalized user experiences that are shaping how we engage in all areas of life — including our health.

We have to acknowledge the truth
— people are complex.

Behavioral scientists have a clear understanding of this reality. Shared, unique, and behavior-specific factors drive our decisions and actions.


psychosocial barriers


cognitive biases

and significantly


 contextual factors




All block or facilitate what we do or don’t do. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting us to behave a certain way. To get people to behave healthily, we have to solve for dynamic, person-specific and population-specific needs, preferences, barriers, and benefits to action. It’s more than personalization. It’s hyper-personalization.

How it Works

Lirio combines behavioral science and advanced AI to create hyper-personalized communication that moves people. Scaled through Lirio Precision Nudging™, you can effectively engage your entire population across multiple communication channels.

Traditional Segmentation vs
Lirio Precision Nudging™

Most engagement algorithms operate in a vacuum without behavioral science expertise. Like a human’s brain without behavioral science-backed principles, algorithms are biased; and the more biases at play, the harder it is to learn what works for whom and deliver what’s optimal.

Traditional Segmentation
Segmentation Framework
Segment 1 Message A
Message Targets an Entire Segment
Lirio Precision Nudging™
Behavioral Reinforcement Learning
Millions of Data Elements Barriers, Benefits, Strategy & Natural Language Embedding of Message
Messages Personalized for the Individual

Lirio incorporates the elements behavioral scientists know determine behavior and get people to move in a certain way. Lirio Precision Nudging™ behavior change journeys overcome the barriers and amplify the benefits of taking a desired action.

Experts encode a variety of behavioral strategies into hundreds of content elements that can be assembled into hundreds of thousands of unique message combinations. Curated content for each behavior change journey is represented in a machine-readable content library.

Machine learning algorithms quickly process data streams about people, personalize messages, process reactions, iterate, improve, and repeat this indefinitely. Lirio scales what behavioral scientists do on a one-on-one basis to elicit specific actions across multiple journeys.

Behavioral Reinforcement Learning

Lirio uses a big picture, nuanced approach to learn the most effective way to communicate with people in a particular context. Typical machine learning algorithms require human experts to define the best solution, while Lirio’s approach autonomously explores an enormous series of options and unlocks solutions in a timeframe human experts alone could not meet.

Through ongoing interactions, our platform learns a person’s behavioral profile and optimizes communications to move them toward the desired behaviors—resulting in improved engagement and outcomes.

Consumer Data
Behavior Change
(Content Libraries)
(Data Aggregation)
Behavior Change AI Platform
  • Consumer Journeys
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  • Multi Channel
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Consumer Activation

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Measurable Results

As patients interact with Lirio messaging and engage in healthcare activities, they leave “digital breadcrumbs” that allow Lirio to understand their movement and report their progress. More than mere clicks, Lirio can monitor and report individual journeys, illuminating who responded and which message or behavioral science appeal moved them to action.

As interactions generate more data, Lirio’s behavior change AI platform learns and optimizes each journey—first for whole populations, then for specific segments, and finally for individuals—matching each person to the communication most likely to move them.

Lirio Precision Nudging™ enables hyper-focused performance metrics that connect the dots between activity and outcomes.

Lirio Precision Nudging™ and the

Digital Health Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global behavior change event. Find out how it has fueled a digital health revolution, and how Lirio’s person-centered communication helps you ensure no one is left behind as you drive behavior change and improve population health for your community.

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