Health Systems

Enable behavior change journeys at scale to improve patient engagement and move people to better health.

Optimize Patient Engagement

Close Gaps in Care

Improve Outcomes Measurably

Optimize Patient Engagement

Get the right people moving in the right direction — Quickly.

Active patient portal users are more engaged with their health, loyal to their providers, and accountable for their own health outcomes. Lirio’s patient portal journey drives portal adoption and ongoing usage, without the need for time intensive direct intervention.

Improve Outcomes Measurably

Track results that demonstrate meaningful change.

Lirio learns, applies, and reports on the efficacy of behavior change in ways that clearly show progress in the person’s journey and the associated economic impact. Our platform identifies which behavioral science principles lead to specific actions, to optimize future patient communications.

Close Gaps in Care

Bring behavior change to the forefront of care delivery.

Lirio helps you identify and mitigate high-risk, high-cost vulnerabilities along the care continuum. By applying scientifically-designed behavior change journeys to digital communications, Lirio nudges people to follow each step on the optimal path to better health.

Behavior Change Journeys

Patient Portal

Increase virtual patient engagement and yield higher ROI on EMR investment.


Increase utilization of virtual healthcare resources for patient well-being.


Increase utilization of recommended exams that prevent complications.

Well Visits

Increase wellness exam utilization for preventive approach to health.


Increase mammography utilization to increase early detection of breast cancer.

Behavioral Design

Holistic patient experiential design.


Increase vaccination rates for your population.


Hyper Personalization

Lirio increases understanding with every interaction; exploring context to create person-centric communication at a level of sophistication never before possible at scale. We call it Behavioral Reinforcement Learning and it will transform your ability to move your population.

Seamless Interoperability

Our cloud-based platform is completely interoperable with your EHR and CRM, and uses a publish-subscribe model to access data through subscriber feeds in real time. So, you avoid the costly “rip and replace” of existing enterprise IT systems.

Data Security and Privacy

Data security and privacy is a core capability for Lirio. We employ a dedicated Security and Compliance team to ensure a privacy-by-design approach integrated across our people, systems, and third parties.

Lirio in: Frontiers in Digital Health

Lirio in: Frontiers in Digital Health

The pandemic’s accelerated reliance on digital devices offers a unique opportunity to leverage digital communication channels to address health inequities, especially COVID-19 vaccination. Lirio behavioral scientists detail the how and why in this article.