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The Great Debate: Are Nudges Effective, and What Are Nudges Anyway?

Join Lirio’s Chief Evangelist Patrick Hunt and his guest–Dr. Michael Hallsworth, Managing Director for the Americas of the Behavioral Insights Team–for a discussion about the effectiveness of nudges in moving people to change behavior.

The Great Delay: How Deferment Impacts the Entire Consumer Journey of Care

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Join Lirio’s Chief Evangelist Patrick Hunt and guest Ryan Donohue, as they discuss the impact of care deferrals on the patient journey.

A Matter of Urgency: Using Data and AI to Drive Acquisition and Engagement

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Join Lirio’s Chief Evangelist Patrick Hunt and guest Danny Fell, Senior Strategist at Optum, as they discuss the unification and utilization of data and AI, and how it can drive consumer acquisition and keep current consumers engaged.

To Segmentation and Beyond: Hyper-Personalizing Your Patient Engagement Ecosystem

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Chief Behavioral Officer Amy Blucher, Ph.D., joins Patrick Hunt, Lirio’s chief evangelist, to review how Lirio’s Precision Nudging (TM) hyper-personalizes communication through a behavioral intelligence layer, delivering the patient’s next best action to better health and driving improved empanelment and health outcomes.

Lirio in: Frontiers in Digital Health

The pandemic’s accelerated reliance on digital devices offers a unique opportunity to leverage digital communication channels to address health inequities, especially COVID-19 vaccination. Lirio behavioral scientists detail the how and why in this article.

AI Webinar: Are You Asking the Right Questions? What’s Really Possible When Machine Learning Scales

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Lirio’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist, Chris Symons, Ph.D., takes you through how Machine Learning (ML) has the potential to drive a behaviorally-responsive intelligence platform that understands your patients beyond standard propensity modeling or predictive analytics.

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