Our purpose is to combine the power of behavioral science with artificial intelligence to drive positive behavior change for the betterment of all people.




Marten den Haring

Chief Executive Officer

George Hashbarger, Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

Lauren Tipton

Head of People & Culture


Amy Bucher

Chief Behavioral Officer

Wade Chandler

Chief Architect

Christopher Symons

Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist

Justin Beaver

Chief Technology Officer & CISO

Board of Directors

Michael R. West

Executive Chair & Chair of the Board

William E. Mayer


Kevin O'Brien


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Core Principles

Lirio starts with a belief that when great people set out to do great work, the opportunities are endless. The following core principles are in practice every day throughout the organization:

Go Further Together

We partner, not direct. We coach, not command. We achieve success by working together as equals toward the common goal.

Progress Over Perfection

We have the courage and curiosity to challenge the status quo, innovate, and take risks. We aim for “better,” but we don’t get hung up on “best.”

Engage Authentically

We build trust through constructive, honest communication that serves the common good. We speak to each other with respect, and we cultivate a safe space to voice our opinions and be heard.

Put People First

We aim to make a positive, lasting impact at the individual and global level through our work. We commit to diversity, inclusion, community, and freedom of expression.

Be The Reason

We take ownership for the quality of our individual work and have pride in what we deliver as a team. We empower each person to take initiative, make decisions, and act as a stakeholder for Lirio.

Keep Learning

We learn from our successes and failures, our clients, our competitors, and each other. We adapt accordingly and embrace the evolution of our company, our team, and our products.

What’s in a name?

The name Lirio comes from “liriodendron tulipifera,” which is also known as the tulip tree. Here are some fun facts about the liriodendron tulipifera that reveal why our name is so fitting.

State Tree of Tennessee, Home of Lirio
Lirio is based in Knoxville, Tennessee, a beautiful city on the Tennessee River. Knoxville is known for the Sunsphere, the University of Tennessee, Neyland Stadium, and Lirio’s good friend, Coach Phillip Fulmer.
Deep, Widespread Roots That Prefer Rich Soil
Our organization has deep roots in behavioral science and is founded on a solid, widespread ambition to do better. Lirio thrives on our team’s deep understanding of technology, communication, and the specialized industries we serve. Our solutions are well-grounded, and our core values are strongly ingrained.

Our cloud-based AI platform, agile processes, and dedication to the client experience are all driven by behavioral science principles, optimizing each element of our business for growth, scalability, quality, and outcomes.

Deciduous: Adapting With the Seasons
Lirio approaches each new season as an opportunity for growth and improvement—reevaluating our efficiency, pruning inessentials, learning from experiences, and moving forward with a fresh perspective. We are always eager to learn, unafraid to adapt, and determined to do better.
Hybridizes Easily, Integrating Smoothly With Others
Our software is agile and ideal for integration with other technologies, our team plays well with others and appreciates opportunities to collaborate with partners and clients, and our approach blends well with the objectives of specialized industries and the organizations we serve.
Used to Improve Growth, Yields, Quality, & More
Lirio spreads beneficial behavior and healthy habits by improving the actions of individuals at a mass scale. We strive to improve outcomes in growth, yields, quality, nutrition, and build resistance to diseases and environmental stresses, all to make life better for people and organizations.
Grows to Great Size, Rising Above the Canopy With Lustrous Branchlets
The passion, dedication, and efficiency of our team, the scalable, cloud-based structure of our technology, the scientific underpinnings of our behavioral approach, and the market need and demand for our solution all prime Lirio for greatness. We extend that greatness through each of our industry solutions and client initiatives.

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