Marten den Haring, Ph.D., MSc

Chief Operating Officer

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”
– Steve Jobs

Marten is a visionary product executive, strategic thinker, marketer, change agent, and team builder who has spent over 20 years incubating major new businesses. He has contributed to the international success of several large and small software companies headquartered in the US and Canada. At Lirio, Marten enjoys getting to “work with talented people to solve meaningful problems for our clients through the wonders of science and technology in a repeatable and profitable way.” Perhaps his most important role is to clarify and communicate product strategy while motivating people to give their best.

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Fun Facts 

Mac or PC: Mac. 

Favorite artist: Vincent Van Gogh.

Favorite thing as a child: Fishing with my grandfather. 

Special hobbies/interests: I enjoy traveling, meeting interesting people, and a good espresso! 

Location: NL, Belgium, France, Norway, Sweden, Canada, US (San Francisco, Nashville). 

Other fun facts: Proud father of two daughters who love to play soccer and ride horses.

Extra Credit 

  • MSc in Economics & Business Admin 
  • Ph.D. in Business & Management 
  • Ph.D. Researcher at the Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology (IMIT)