Wade Chandler

Chief Architect

“We’re so close, it’s awkward.”

Wade is a technical leader with over 20 years’ experience using various technologies to engineer and develop software across many sectors and domains. His valuable experience comes from a diverse range of industries and products, from government, health, and defense to education, child assessment, and agriculture. At Lirio, he channels his advanced skills toward helping us use technology to deliver the best next action in each vertical we serve.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/wade-chandler


Fun Facts:

Favorite musicians include: Classical stuff like Vivaldi; Soundgarden, Nirvana, Bob Dylan…

Favorite thing as a child: I was pretty eclectic. Skateboarding, video games, He-Man, blowing up GI Joe figures with a pellet gun. I had a lot of Transformers and He-Men.

Special hobbies/interests: I like hot stuff like peppers. I also like to go to the mountains and different things. Stream exploring is fun… catching crawdads.

About coding: It’s kind of like a hobby and a career; self-taught as a kid.

Location: Wade is a Knoxville area native from Jefferson County.

Other: I have three girls … I’m horrible at braiding. I do ponytails—that’s my expertise.

Wade has contributed to the NetBeans IDE and Rich Client Platform (RCP) for over 15 years. He has also contributed to Apache Tomcat, JasperReport Tools, SwingX, and other OSS projects.