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Enable behavior change journeys to engage your members and create a healthier culture.

Optimize Engagement

Promote a Culture of Health

Improve Outcomes Measurably

Optimize Engagement

Get the right people moving in the right direction — Quickly.

Lirio’s platform learns, understands, and actively optimizes messages that overcome barriers and move members and their families to use available health resources. Through person-centered communication, you’ll facilitate real behavior change that leads to increased resource adoption and a healthier population.

Promote a Culture of Health

Get to know and communicate with members as people.

Lirio empowers you to successfully and sustainably transform unhealthy behaviors among your members. That intentional focus on improving overall quality of life demonstrates your care for members and their families, and helps drive healthier outcomes.

Improve Outcomes Measurably

Track results that demonstrate meaningful change.

Lirio learns, applies, and reports on the efficacy of behavior change journeys, tracking specific health improvements and cost savings to demonstrate clear ROI. Our platform identifies which behavioral science principles motivate people to take specific actions, and optimizes future communications with members and their dependents.

Behavior Change Journeys


Increase utilization of virtual healthcare resources for member well-being.

Mental Wellness

Increase education & utilization of mental wellness resources.


Increase utilization of recommended exams that prevent complications.

Behavioral Consulting

Holistic member experiential design.


Increase vaccination rates for your population.


Hyper Personalization

Lirio increases understanding and gets more effective with every interaction; exploring context to create person-centric communication at a level of sophistication never before possible at scale. We call it Behavioral Reinforcement Learning and it will transform your ability to move your population.

Easy Administration

Lirio’s turnkey, lightweight activation means your team doesn’t have to wrestle with yet another complex system implementation. And, because it’s built to scale, Lirio stays easy as you grow.

Data Security and Privacy

Data security and privacy is a core capability for Lirio. We employ a dedicated Security and Compliance team to ensure a privacy-by-design approach integrated across our people, systems, and third parties.

Lirio Launches Precision Nudging™ Solution to Close Gaps in Diabetes Care

Lirio Launches Precision Nudging™ Solution to Close Gaps in Diabetes Care

Lirio, whose Precision Nudging™ solution promotes health through AI-powered behavior change, today announced the launch of a new Precision Nudging™ solution to help people with diabetes receive recommended health care. The solution was co-developed with Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH), one of the 20 largest hospital systems in the United States, to close gaps in diabetes care and improve the health of the diabetes community it serves.