Chief Digital Officers are usually responsible for managing a healthcare organization’s systems and data and integrating it all in a way that creates a seamless consumer experience, streamlines operations, and grows the organization’s business.

CDOs play an important role in the strategic leadership and management of an organization as the healthcare industry continues to adopt digital health practices. Their collaboration with other innovation-focused executives can help drive digital transformation across all fronts, including “outward-facing” opportunities.

Given the recent growth of this role in the healthcare industry, these individuals face several challenges in their work to transform the consumer health journey. Lirio understands these challenges and our solutions are designed to support your digital health efforts.

Challenge #1: Health Consumer-Centered Design

Tom Barnett, CIO at Baptist Memorial Health Care in Memphis, TN describes the need for a CDO to “…boil patient touchpoints down to their essence and only what is necessary, then make the behind-the-scenes workflow less cumbersome by reducing silos and friction points, and then accelerate the entire throughput with carefully selected and complementary technology. Understanding those critical components of the equation is how you can end up making huge impacts.”

Most technology solutions marketed to consumer experience were not designed specifically with healthcare in mind and struggle to overcome these unique friction points. However, Lirio was purposefully built with a contextual healthcare background—we understand the nuances that make healthcare consumer engagement, and the stakes, so different.

Through ongoing research developed by our team of highly credentialed behavioral scientists, we equip you with detailed intelligence about your patients’ behavior outside the healthcare system. This allows you to shift from delivering occasional, transactional communications to providing continuous, relational communications focused on the long-term health of your patients.

Challenge #2: One-to-One Personalization

Healthcare consumers have more choices today than ever before, and they expect personalized experiences similar to what they encounter in other aspects of their daily lives. It’s critical for healthcare organizations to meet these expectations or they risk losing primacy in a market increasingly crowded with digital health and retail disruptors.

Even the world’s biggest e-commerce brand is getting in on the action. Amazon recently announced a purchase of primary care tech provider One Medical, reflecting the larger trend of companies affecting digital transformation within healthcare.

According to recent research from Concentrix Catalyst shared via Becker’s Hospital Review, a study of 1,000 healthcare consumers found they “trust retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Target, and even Google and Amazon, almost as much as they do Mayo Clinic.”

Lirio has reset the bar for the experimental engagement consumers desire that is often at odds with the conventional healthcare ecosystem. Our personalization engine moves beyond demographic segmentation and continuously learns from each individual’s interactions with behavioral interventions to give you a view of your consumers as a whole and unique person.

Through this one-to-one personalization you can develop relationships with consumers before they enter your digital or physical front door, increasing their comfort level with and trust in your organization and effectively moving them along their unique health journeys.

Challenge #3: Outcomes & Consumer Loyalty

Healthcare organizations measure the success of digital transformation efforts by how they position the consumer experience to support organizational growth. This success often manifests in projects like the development of virtual health and remote patient monitoring to facilitate better consumer health.

Hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic, health experiences continue to move closer to the patient, but most are still only scratching the surface. Lirio helps you lean in to this approach in a substantial way via an award-winning application of AI, creating an intelligence layer within your tech stack that drives ongoing digital patient engagement and an effectual shift to a digital-first strategy.

With this strategy in place, you can create seamless, tailored digital experiences that foster agency, empanelment, satisfaction, and brand loyalty, which results in healthier populations and growth opportunities for your organization.

Lirio & Bon Secours Mercy Health Move Patients toward Better Health

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