While the return to in-person conferences has been measured, this month brought a one-two punch with the introduction of ViVE 2022 the week prior to HIMSS22. Each year, the HIMSS Global Health Conference gives attendees throughout the health ecosystem the opportunity to share their industry knowledge, connect with other professionals, and have deep conversations about the future state of healthcare. In its inaugural year, ViVE placed the rapid evolution of the Digital Health ecosystem front and center for lively engagement among healthcare executives and innovation-minded organizations.

While HIMSS again offered the option to attend virtually, both Florida conference were well attended by in-person vendors and industry professionals across the health tech space. We enjoyed reconnecting with partners and friends who we hadn’t seen for some time.

Lirio was proud to be a sponsor of ViVE and on-site exhibitor at HIMSS once again, where our team led several in-booth sessions while also gaining valuable insight from panels and educational events. Our weeks have been full of activity and lively conversations with numerous healthcare leaders throughout the digital health ecosystem.
Over the course of the conferences, we noticed several recurring themes that deserve critical focus in 2022.

1. Machine Learning

This year, there were 80 unique sessions at HIMSS alone dedicated specifically to machine learning. Topics like using machine learning to unearth social determinants of health risks and implementing conversational AI in external-facing technology underscored the growth of intelligent systems. As health technology continues to evolve, so will our ability to automate and analyze this data for better consumer wellbeing. 

Throughout the events, we spoke with healthcare leaders about the importance of machine learning for creating a cohesive, effective digital engagement strategy that centers the patient and their journey across all barriers, segments, and changes over time. 

As artificial intelligence becomes more pragmatic, machine learning models need to ask the right questions to scale patient engagement insights. Lirio’s machine learning models take in unique behavioral interaction data and combine it with more traditional data elements to formulate personalized behavioral profiles and compose the right messages to move them toward desired behaviors. The platform continues to learn and adjusts messages based on consumer responses and behaviors.

Christopher Symons, Ph.D., MSc, Lirio’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Scientist, presented a session at HIMSS on how ML has the potential to drive a behaviorally-responsive intelligence platform that understands your patients beyond standard propensity modeling or predictive analytics. If you missed his presentation or want to share with colleagues, register for the upcoming webinar replay below.

2. Consumer and Patient Loyalty

Patients now have more autonomy than ever when it comes to choosing their healthcare. High-deductible health plans, as well as the introduction of more retail and at-home care options, have given healthcare consumers the option to receive their healthcare from a variety of sources. It’s also led to a shift in some healthcare providers referring to patients as “consumers.” 

The HIMSS22 opening panel on the State of Patient Experience challenged this idea of patient vs. consumer naming, with the consensus being that those with the ability to choose are considered consumers, but not all patients have this flexibility of choice. 

Although patient loyalty isn’t a new concept, the importance of treating a patient like a valued customer or client is vital to increasing patient satisfaction, driving engagement, and ultimately, improving outcomes.  

Lirio’s platform hyper-personalizes communication through a behavioral intelligence layer, addressing behavioral barriers to receiving care, delivering the patient’s next best action to better health, and driving improved health outcomes. It also drives enhanced empanelment, the act of assigning individual patients to individual PCPs and care teams with sensitivity to patient and family preferences. As a result, we help healthcare organizations achieve ongoing patient engagement that moves patients to choose your organization when they need care.

3. Patient Behavioral Insight

The agenda themes for ViVE leaned in to questions of access and equity within the reality of data-driven digital care, spotlighting the need for personalized care with a consumer-patient focus. With over 180 sessions devoted to patient care, HIMSS22 also had a deep focus on how patients interact with and use a healthcare organization’s tools and software. Continued implementation of virtual tools like telehealth or chatbots has opened up a wider range of awareness into how consumers interface with digital health. Prediction of a patient’s decisions and actions can help you provide more efficient and specific care choices.  

Lirio’s platform infuses behavioral insights across all of the systems you’re tasked with managing, allowing you to use the data to understand your patients, make them feel known, and develop deeply relational patient engagement. With 30+ psychosocial barriers, 170 cognitive biases, and a significant number of contextual factors, human behavior can be complex and difficult to estimate. 

We equip you with intelligence about your patients’ behavior outside the healthcare system, so you can shift from delivering occasional, transactional communications to delivering continuous, relational communications focused on driving better outcomes across populations. 

At HIMS22, Amy Bucher, Ph.D., Lirio’s Chief Behavioral Officer, delivered a compelling session on the importance of hyper-personalizing your patient engagement ecosystem. Register for our next webinar below to catch a detailed recap of her presentation. 

 4. Health Equity

Healthy equity was one of the top trending topics on ViVE and HIMSS22 social media threads over the week, highlighting an ongoing need for equitable global health equity. In a HIMSS22 session, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said “Every patient has a right to their information. We’re finally implementing health technology from the 21st Century Cures Act.

In his conference-opening keynote, HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf said “As you reimagine health, you should have a focus on global health equity. We really do not have a choice to be complacent.” Aiding health systems to think broadly about digital transformation, specifically focusing on the emancipation of staff and clinicians to focus on the bigger issues of access and equity, will help improve the quality of life for both providers and consumers. 

COVID-19 exposed some of the glaring issues in the country’s healthcare systems, particularly with regard to health equity. According to a report by Forrester, predictions show that health disparities may harm rural Americans at twice the rate of urban Americans in 2022, despite the federal push to bridge gaps in access to care services. Lirio supports health equity by leveraging social determinants of health data to inform patient communications. We can help you close the gaps in health equity by identifying and mitigating high-risk, high-cost vulnerabilities along the care continuum.

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