Lirio is both proud and honored to have been named Best AI Startup at the 2020 AIconics Awards ceremony at the AI Summit New York. Lirio was also recognized as “Highly Commended” for Best Innovation in Deep Learning. AI Summit is the world’s leading event series focused on AI for business.

“We are deeply honored to receive the AIconics Award for Best AI Startup,” said Mike West, Lirio’s CEO, in accepting the award. “We consider this a validation of our purpose to combine the power of behavioral science and artificial intelligence to drive positive behavior change for the betterment of all people.”

The AIconics Awards, now in its fourth year, recognizes the outstanding achievements of individuals, projects, teams and their organizations responsible for breakthrough innovations in the Artificial Intelligence for Business space. The global awards showcase transformational innovations from previous winners such as IBM Watson, Microsoft, Blue Prism, PwC, and DarkTrace.

AIconics received hundreds of submissions for their awards, and Best AI Startup was the most competitive, as evidenced by the 14 companies who made the shortlist for the category. By contrast, Lirio was the only company to receive recognition as “Highly Commended” for Best Innovation in Deep Learning, essentially an honorable mention. The latter award recognized Lirio’s advancement in machine learning optimization with its novel adaptive stochastic gradient-free approach.

“Working at Lirio is a blessing in part because the company is filled with people looking to make a positive impact on the world, “said Chris Symons, chief AI scientist. “The focus of our AI work is driven by the need to overcome challenges and improve our applications of AI in the real world. Pushing the state of the art to achieve meaningful advances makes for a challenging, motivating, and fun place to work, and we are both humbled and grateful to be recognized for the work we do here everyday.”

Lirio’s behavior change AI platform combines behavioral science and artificial intelligence to apply Lirio Precision Nudging™ to move people along their unique journey to better health. Like the individualized treatment plans of precision medicine, Lirio Precision Nudging™ allows Lirio to apply tailored behavioral science solutions to overcome patient-specific barriers to action at the right time and place for scalable, sustained behavior change.

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To learn more about Lirio’s behavior change AI and Lirio Precision Nudging™ approach to generating scalable and sustained behavior change solutions for all aspects of your organization’s population, and how it helps optimize patient engagements and interventions designed move people on their unique journey to better health, watch a replay of our recent webinar “Optimizing for Change: Why Your AI Isn’t Solving Your Problem.”


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