Amy Bucher, Ph.D.

Amy Bucher, Ph.D., is Vice President of Behavioral Design at Lirio, where she leads a team of behavioral scientists and health experts focused on designing AI-powered behavior change journeys to drive better personal and population health. She brings over 15 years of experience in digital health product design coupled with deep behavioral science training and is a recognized expert on applying the psychology of motivation to design.
Articles by Amy Bucher

Lirio Establishes the Value of a Primary Care Visit for Patients with Diabetes to Health Systems

Diabetes is associated with significant long-term costs for both patients and health systems. Regular primary care visits aligned with American Diabetes Association guidelines could help mitigate those costs while generating near-term revenue for health systems. Digital interventions prompting primary care visits among unengaged patients could provide significant economic value back to the health system as well as individual patients, but only few economic models have been put forth to understand this value. Lirio’s model has been published in JMIR Formative.

How Well Visits Can Become the Center of Comprehensive Care

From lack of transportation to fear of what the visit might indicate in terms of their health outcomes, the reasons why well visits aren’t being used as the effective tool for disease prevention and management they could be are widespread. Discover how digital tools, such as Lirio’s Precision Nudging solution, work in service to primary care to improve well visit adoption.