Your community needs to know it's safe to re-engage.

COVID-19 has changed the way humans engage in almost every area of their lives.

Stress levels are higher than ever, and what were previously considered routine activities now require an entirely new approach and ongoing risk-assessment.

With added barriers to engagement, your communication strategy needs to adapt. Now is the time to consider how people respond in this kind of high-pressure environment.

Don’t tell people what to do.
Empower them to take action.

Lirio helps health systems and employers do just that by uniting behavioral science with artificial intelligence. Our behavior change AI platform optimizes communications with hyper-personalized messaging that moves people to re-engage.

Design for Human Behavior to Maximize Impact

Our behavioral science specialists uncover the barriers and biases preventing your community from completing desired actions. Based on that discovery we tailor behavior change programs to overcome each unique barrier and amplify the benefits of taking action.

Lirio partners with health systems and employers to:

1.  Create context-sensitive behavior change programs that meet people where they are.
2.  Provide a person-centered, seamless experience across digital and in-person environments.
3.  Ensure people feel safe, cared for, and know the next steps they need to take to engage.

How Lirio Partners with Health Systems

Re-engage Your Patients. Improve Population Health.
  • Optimize patient experiences, quality measures, and health outcomes.
  • Proactively engage chronic care and hard-to-engage populations
  • Deliver hyper-personalized communications

See Behavior Change AI in Action

Check out our recent webinar, “Achieving Population Health Targets in a COVID-Adjusted Timeline,” featuring Bon Secours Mercy Health, to learn how behavior change AI can support your population health goals.

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How Lirio Partners with Employers

Re-engage Your People. Increase Care Quality.
  • Optimize the employee experience, resource adoption, and mental wellness
  • Proactively engage with employees suffering from burnout
  • Deliver hyper-personalized communications
employee engagement after coronavirus

See Behavior Change AI in Action

Review our recent webinar, “Sustaining Employee Health & Engagement in the Post-Pandemic Reopening,” featuring Clayton Homes, to find out how behavior change AI can foster employee mental health and wellness.

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