Lirio is proud to announce that CEO Marten den Haring, PhD, has signed the Nashville Health Care Council statement in support of COVID-19 vaccinations. Den Haring’s signature joins those of the organization’s board of directors and other healthcare leaders in the greater Nashville region. Marten was a member of the 2020 class of Nashville Health Care Council Fellows, a group of influential industry leaders who come together to take on some of the most pressing issues and shape the future of the industry.

“Lirio is a science-based company, and the science tells us that COVID-19 vaccinations are highly effective at reducing the chance of contracting the disease and the severity of illness for those that do,” Den Haring said. “We need to do everything we can to encourage people to get vaccinated.”

In April, Lirio launched a Precision Nudging™ solution to encourage more people to get vaccinated. Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System was the first to deploy the behavior change AI messaging solution in Louisiana. Lirio Precision Nudging™ is not only increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates among recipients as a whole, but our approach has been particularly effective for members of groups who tend to be more vaccine-hesitant, including people of color, people in lower income brackets, and people with conservative political affiliations. This surprising pattern of results speaks to the power of personalizing communication to address people’s individual barriers. With Precision Nudging™, Lirio helps some of the most vulnerable and entrenched populations overcome barriers to action.

In the earlier news release, Richard R. Vath, M.D., President and CEO of Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System said “For the vaccine, we see this innovative outreach as another opportunity to help end the pandemic – something we are committed to as a healthcare organization. We see Lirio as an important tool to educate and inform, and to help scale the distribution of the vaccine. Longer-term, we also see Lirio as a partner to help with our important population health work as well as providing a more personalized experience for our patients.”

Unique behavioral interventions overcome barriers such as vaccine safety, effectiveness, or perceptions related to COVID-19 severity and individual susceptibility to get everyone engaging with and acting on a vaccine promoting messages. Each message overcomes an individual’s engagement with the vaccine-promoting communication and the separate, more substantial barrier to getting the vaccine itself.

Lirio leverages hundreds of behavioral interventions in English and Spanish to effectively activate people via email, SMS and MMS at each step in their unique journey to better health. Proprietary algorithms process data streams about people; deliver personalized behavioral interventions from hundreds of possible behavioral science solutions at each step in the journey; and process reactions, iterate, and improve. It ensures the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time.

About Lirio

Lirio’s behavior change AI platform combines behavioral science and artificial intelligence to apply Precision Nudging™ technology to move as many people as possible along their unique journey to better health. Similar to precision medicine’s individualized treatment plans, Lirio Precision Nudging™ allows Lirio to apply tailored behavioral science solutions to overcome patient-specific barriers to action. Every Precision Nudge is delivered at the right time and place to help drive scalable, sustained behavior change that enables providers to effectively engage and activate individuals within a population, optimizing care and treatment for everyone. For more information, visit