Consumer Acquisition & Engagement

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The combination of smaller staffs, tighter budgets, and rapid digital health adoption has put a spotlight on healthcare consumerism like never before. To maintain steady operations, compete with retail healthcare, protect your workforce, and expand your growth opportunities, you must center the consumer and engage them with intention.

Lirio helps you increase consumer volume and retention via Precision Nudging interventions focused on preventive care behaviors, such as well visits and cancer screenings.

    • 1
      Know the Consumer

      The first appointment is no longer the initial or most significant point of contact with your consumers. Lirio helps you get to know them beyond the 20% of health factors that take place in a clinical setting, engaging instead with the full spectrum of physical environments, socioeconomic factors, and health behaviors.

      • Gather data from your systems and third-party sources for people eligible for preventive care services, whether overdue or not currently active in your organization
      • Craft behavioral profiles covering both consumer health journey (e.g., family history, care eligibility and priorities, system engagement) and social context (e.g., residence, education, demographics)
      • Identify the desired health behavior, eligibility criteria, and completion metrics
        • Examples: Scheduling and attending a well visit, scheduling and attending a mammogram, establishing a PCP relationship
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      Orchestrate Behavioral Interventions

      Lirio orchestrates interventions that move overdue or inactive consumers to receive care from your organization by focusing on what they need most in their health journey and providing personalized messages that drive action.

      • Identify which eligible action is most important for each consumer, based on clinical care guidelines and understanding of the consumer
      • Deliver personalized interventions with content scientifically designed to overcome consumers’ barriers to target behaviors
        • Example: Highlight the low percent of abnormal screening results to address fear of a positive test result, using images, wording, and a CTA to emphasize mental relief of following through
      • Determine the right timing and communication channel for interventions using a number of factors, like consumer preferences, previous interactions, agent learnings, and situational awareness
    • 3
      Learn from Consumer Behavior

      Lirio’s behavioral reinforcement learning agents continuously learn from your consumers and incorporate critical behavioral data into your systems of infrastructure that can be used to support acquisition and engagement efforts.

      • Measure consumers’ responses to interventions, both positive and negative, and glean behavioral insights. Responses include:
        • Scheduling but not showing up for an appointment
        • Exploring patient educational resources
        • Ignoring an email or text about well visits
      • Continue to learn from assumptions and behavior to enrich understanding of the consumer's motivations and the effectiveness of the interventions
      • Adapt to consumers’ experience over time, inform behavioral profiles, and adjust interventions
        • Example: If a patient’s family circumstances change from one year to the next, Lirio’s mammography intervention can incorporate this new factor.
    • 4
      Move Consumer to Better Health

      Lirio applies a constant stream of progressively smarter personalization to future interventions to drive continuous behavior change across your population – long after their first engagement with your organization. This allows you to support them throughout their entire health journey as their needs and circumstances evolve over time.

      • Personalize future interventions based on continuous learnings
        • Example: If a consumer schedules and shows up for a well visit, and is also eligible for a mammogram, Lirio is positioned to effectively move them to schedule the subsequent appointment.
      • Maintain ongoing personal relationships with consumers and champion their steady behavior change
      • Drive better individual and population health outcomes and foster consumer agency, satisfaction, and loyalty

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