Condition Management

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Managing consumers’ well-being over a long health journey requires a precise and thoughtful approach, but often people struggle to stick to designated treatment plans due to a wide range of barriers – which results in high costs for your organization and poor outcomes across your population.

Lirio’s Precision Nudging interventions focused on chronic care behaviors move your consumers to consistently engage with recommended care activities so they can effectively manage their conditions.

    • 1
      Know the Consumer

      Lirio gets to know your consumers from a holistic perspective to understand the health and social factors that influence their conditions and response to treatment plans.

      • Gather data from your systems and third-party sources that points to potential conditions to be managed
      • Data covers the consumer health journey (e.g., family history, care eligibility and adherence, system engagement) and social context (e.g., residence, education, demographics)
      • Identify a target behavior for the intervention and define the problem from a behavioral perspective
        • Examples: Monitoring blood pressure, accessing prescriptions, seeing primary care physician in accordance with A1c level recommendations
    • 2
      Orchestrate Behavioral Interventions

      Lirio then engineers precise interventions that move consumers toward ongoing actions that support effective condition management in accordance with clinical recommendations and guidance from their care team.

      • Identify which eligible action is most important for each consumer, based on clinical guidelines and understanding of the consumer
      • Leverage hyper-personalized communications that drive both self-management and care team interactions
        • Example: Send appointment and prescription refill reminders alongside tips for mail-order or bulk prescription services
      • Determine the right timing and communication channel for interventions based on where and when the consumer engages with digital content and health recommendations
    • 3
      Learn from Consumer Behavior

      To support your consumers in managing their conditions, you need a consistent pulse on what’s working and what isn’t – not only from a clinical perspective, but also in terms of their behavior. Lirio monitors and learns from consumer responses to support them on their unique health journeys.

      • Measure consumers’ responses to interventions, both positive and negative, and glean behavioral insights. Responses include:
        • Opening an email but not scheduling a follow-up appointment
        • Leaving a prescription refill text message unread
        • Sharing self-monitored metrics with provider
      • Deepen understanding of consumers’ motivations for completing condition management activities and barriers that hold them back
      • Monitor changing circumstances, inform behavioral profiles, and adjust interventions
        • Example: Lirio’s diabetes care intervention incorporates telehealth preferences for patients concerned about COVID-19 risk and exposure
    • 4
      Move Consumer to Better Health

      Effective condition management that leads to better outcomes requires continuous behavior change. That’s why Lirio applies a constant stream of progressively smarter personalization to future interventions, allowing you to direct people with chronic conditions toward the most appropriate behaviors and actions at different points on their health journeys.

      • Personalize future interventions based on continuous learnings
        • Example: If a consumer establishes a primary care physician relationship as the first step in diabetes care management, send subsequent health resources via the same communication channel
      • Maintain ongoing personal relationships with consumers and champion their steady behavior change
      • Drive better individual and population health outcomes and foster consumer agency, satisfaction, and loyalty

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