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Webinar on precision communications to improve population health

Beyond October—Building Patient Trust and Engagement with a Year-Round Mammography Strategy

A woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer every 2 minutes on average. Every October we join forces to raise awareness of breast cancer screening, with pink ribbons urgently proclaiming Mammograms Save Lives. Despite this, more than 1/3 of women have not received their recommended screening. So what’s missing from this message? It depends—on you. Reasons for not getting a mammogram range from access, fear, cultural factors, awareness, to conflicting priorities and conditions. These barriers have nothing to do with the segments that traditional methods utilize for messaging, and the same message doesn’t address each (or any) of these.

Hear from Erin Hurlburt, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of population health and community health at Bon Secours Mercy Health, about the hyper-personalized approach they are leveraging to engage patients to sign up – and show up – for their screenings. Lirio’s behaviorally-science informed approach is designed to overcome a range of barriers, while our machine-learning platform tailors messages to the individual. This solution proved especially critical during the pandemic, as the barriers to preventive care changed quickly and broadly.

You will learn:

  • How this year-round approach accelerates a complex population health strategy
  • Why the Bon Secours Mercy Health team completely changed their outreach during the pandemic
  • What outcomes they saw from hyper-personalizing their mammography communication
  • Where the impact is already being seen in their patient outcomes

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