Visual Identity

The Lirio Mark

Displayed on this page are approved versions of the Lirio logo for use as the company trademark. No other form of the mark may be used.

Whenever possible, the full color version of the logo must be used as it is the primary brand identification mark. Other versions are available for circumstances in which the full color version cannot be used.

Full Color

Use whenever possible across all applications (print, web, advertising, TV, etc.).

Reversed White

Use over imagery or colored background when full color logo cannot be used. Ensure enough contrast between logo and background for legibility.

Flat Black

Use only if color reproduction is unavailable.
Reproduce only in black.

Lirio Color Palette

The following colors are in the Lirio palette and are approved for use across brand materials. For questions regarding proper color usage, please consult the brand style guide or reach out to the marketing department.

Lirio Orange



Lirio Blue


Lirio Dark Orange


Lirio Bright Orange


Logo Sizing & Clear Space

As the primary visual representation of Lirio, the Lirio logo should stand out from surrounding graphic elements. As such, when the Lirio mark is used, it must be framed with a specified minimum area of clear space.

The size and position of the Lirio logo is important to maintaining brand standards. In all circumstances, legibility is the primary concern. When resizing the logo, always adjust it  proportionately, taking special care not to distort or stretch it.

The Lirio logo should never appear smaller than 0.75 inches in width.

There are no maximum size restrictions as long as provisions are made for the appropriate amount of clear space.