Move Your Community Toward Vaccine Acceptance

Understanding human behavior is key to COVID-19 vaccine acceptance.

The biggest roadblock to achieving widespread vaccination isn’t distribution or other logistics — it’s vaccine hesitancy.

The Pew Research Center found that the number of adults who said they would get a COVID-19 vaccine declined from 72% in May 2020 to 51% in September 2020 and rebounded to 60% in November 2020.

Cognitive barriers create vaccine hesitancy.

Vaccine hesitancy among patient populations is due in large part to a range of cognitive biases and barriers that make people feel uneasy about vaccination. The emergence of new COVID-19 variants challenges communities to respond even more forcefully to vaccine hesitancy.

Some common barriers related to the COVID-19 vaccine include:

  • Concern over vaccine safety and potential side effects
  • Concern the vaccine will not be effective
  • Perceiving low susceptibility of COVID-19 and its severity
  • Not liking people/government telling them what to do
  • Concern about vaccine cost
  • Concern about vaccine access

The Lirio Vaccination Solution overcomes these barriers.

Through Lirio Precision Nudging™, you can truly personalize both the solution and messaging at the individual level to achieve dramatically better outcomes than traditional and other digital solutions.

When you implement the Lirio Vaccination Solution, Lirio will:

  1. Identify the specific barriers to vaccine acceptance based on encoded behavioral science expertise.
  2. Determine which behavioral science solutions will work for specific people, such as a trusted messenger who promotes vaccination or social proof around successful vaccinations.
  3. Encode these solutions into an autonomous machine learning algorithm and create thousands of unique messages at scale.
  4. Deploy hyper-personalized messages about both rounds of shots as the AI-driven platform continuously learns based on individuals’ behavioral responses.

Lirio Precision Nudging™ at Work

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