Consumer Satisfaction & Loyalty

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The people in your population have more healthcare options at their fingertips than ever before. As the trusted, comprehensive health provider in their community, you have the opportunity to connect with them in a way that fosters an ongoing relationship, drives satisfaction, and makes your organization the obvious choice when they need care.

Through Precision Nudging interventions, Lirio helps your customers feel known and equipped by your organization at each step along their health journey, leading to better experiences and long-term loyalty.

    • 1
      Know the Consumer

      Healthcare consumers expect the same level of personalization they receive from all other industries and services they engage with, and that’s only possible when you know them deeply. Lirio makes this possible.

      • Gather data from your systems and third-party sources for people engaged and unengaged with your organization
      • Data covers the consumer health journey (e.g., family history, care eligibility and adherence, system engagement) and social context (e.g., residence, education, demographics)
      • Identify a target behavior for each consumer and define the problem from a behavioral perspective
        • Examples: Scheduling a financial consultation, locating a primary care physician with whom to establish a relationship
    • 2
      Orchestrate Behavioral Interventions

      Lirio intelligently integrates this data from your systems of record to your systems of engagement, orchestrating interventions hyper-personalized to each individual, reinforcing your understanding of their needs and your ability to guide them in their health journey.

      • Leverage comprehensive data and care recommendations to identify eligible actions and automatically select the right intervention for each consumer
      • Personalize interventions with tailored content scientifically designed to overcome a consumer’s specific barriers to action
        • Example: Normalize the concern of cost as a barrier to care, and share price transparency tools or financial counseling resources
      • Deliver interventions at the right point in consumers’ journeys via the most effective communication channels for the individual
    • 3
      Learn from Consumer Behavior

      Lirio’s behavioral reinforcement learning agents continue to learn what your consumers want and need from a healthcare organization and the specific motivations and barriers they have for engaging with their health. This cumulative insight drives increasingly tailored experiences and deeper loyalty.

      • Measure consumers’ responses to interventions, both positive and negative, and glean behavioral insights. Some responses include:
        • Inquiring about appointment availability
        • Reviewing financial estimates
        • Scheduling follow-up appointments
      • Respond to consumers’ motivations, behaviors, and changing circumstances with new interventions
        • Example: Send periodic messages to new parents as they navigate the first year of a baby’s life
    • 4
      Move Consumer to Better Health

      By increasing consumer satisfaction and loyalty, you also move your population toward better outcomes. Lirio helps you do this by applying a constant stream of progressively smarter personalization to future interventions to drive continuous behavior change and keep your consumers engaged with you throughout their entire health journeys.

      • Personalize future interventions based on continuous learnings
        • Example: Lirio’s transitions of care intervention follows consumers along their health journeys with tailored content to encourage future engagement.
      • Maintain ongoing personal relationships with consumers and champion their steady behavior change
      • Drive better individual and population health outcomes and foster consumer agency, satisfaction, and loyalty

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