Closing Gaps in Care

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When consumers do not follow recommendations for medication adherence, cancer screenings, and well visits, it escalates late-stage diagnoses, disease advancement, and increased mortality – particularly among vulnerable populations. There is also a significant financial cost your organization incurs for these gaps, from lower patient volume and increased treatment costs to cascading impacts on your value-based arrangements and ratings.

Lirio’s Precision Nudging interventions focused on preventive and chronic care behaviors help you provide better care to more people earlier, improve health and economic outcomes, and address issues of health equity.

    • 1
      Know the Consumer

      Lirio determines the many reasons why consumers in your population don’t act on recommended care pathways or don’t pursue active care management by understanding how people make decisions and accounting for the unique factors for your population.

      • Gather data from your systems and third-party sources for eligible people in your population
      • Data covers consumer health journey (e.g., family history, care conditions and priorities, system engagement) and social context (e.g., residence, education, demographics)
      • Identify a target behavior and define the intervention from a behavioral perspective
        • Example: Showing up to a colorectal screening appropriately prepped or scheduling a mammogram upon eligibility
    • 2
      Orchestrate Behavioral Interventions

      To overcome the barriers that perpetuate gaps in care, Lirio’s interventions incorporate content, timing, and communication channels tailored to recipients and the specific actions best suited to improve their health.

      • Leverage comprehensive data and care recommendations to identify eligible actions and automatically select the right intervention for each consumer
      • Motivate and equip consumers to initiate care by delivering a compelling call to action at the right time via the right channel
        • Example: Send prompts via email 48 hours before appointment to remind patient to complete colonoscopy prep work. Then, send text notification one week before appointment to remind patient to secure a driver.
      • Tailor content for the specific screening, procedure, or medication, and the specific person, place, and barrier
    • 3
      Learn from Consumer Behavior

      No matter how consumers respond to interventions, Lirio’s behavioral reinforcement learning agents learn more about what motivates them to take specific actions or what hinders them from following through on care recommendations.

      • Measure consumers’ responses to interventions, both positive and negative, and glean behavioral insights. Responses include:
        • Showing up for a screening with completed prep work
        • Scheduling a screening but not completing prep work
        • Opening a screening reminder email but not taking further action
      • Continue learning how effective each intervention is at closing care gaps for each consumer
      • Adapt to consumers’ experience over time, inform behavioral profiles, and adjust interventions
        • Example: If a patient’s family circumstances change from one year to the next, Lirio’s mammography intervention can incorporate this new factor.
    • 4
      Move Consumer to Better Health

      Following through on only one recommended care activity does not equate to a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Lirio applies a constant stream of progressively smarter personalization to future interventions to drive continuous behavior change so you can realize fewer and fewer gaps in care over time.

      • Personalize future interventions based on continuous learnings
        • Example: If a consumer schedules and shows up fully prepped for a screening, use similar intervention elements to move them to complete follow-up treatment plans.
      • Maintain ongoing personal relationships with consumers and champion their steady behavior change along their unique journeys
      • Drive better individual and population health outcomes and foster consumer agency, satisfaction, and loyalty

Learn about how Lirio helped Bon Secours Mercy Health close gaps in care for women past due for mammograms.