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Webinar on improving patient experience


Executive Roundtable: 2021 Trends for Healthcare Providers

featuring Forrester Principal Analyst Arielle Trzcinski

As we build on the healthcare transformations prompted by the COVID-19 response, renegotiating the patient experience is paramount. Consumer expectations are eroding the competitive edge of many digital strategies, while trust, access, and equity take center-stage. In the recently released Forrester report The Top Trends for Healthcare Providers, 2021, co-author Arielle Trzcinski addresses the issues that healthcare providers must contend with.

You are invited to an exclusive, live roundtable to hear directly from Arielle and engage with her and your peers about these trends. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and identify priorities for HIMSS21 and beyond.

Join us as we discuss why

  • The trust imperative is front and center in healthcare
  • Support for accessibility drives improved access to care
  • The lack of equity in healthcare is a hot topic that cannot be ignored

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