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Webinar on improving patient experience

Beyond Consumerism: Building Trusting Patient Relationships In The Digital Era

The acceleration of digital health in the shadow of COVID-19 was immediate and irreversible, building on the momentum of the digital revolution to decisively reshape the patient experience. Patients looked to the healthcare ecosystem to help them navigate an evolving situation with far-reaching implications and social variables. This means looking at the whole person and understanding how circumstances impact health behaviors. As healthcare organizations seek a new equilibrium, patients will continue to expect healthcare that meets them where they are.

Sandra Mackey, Chief Marketing Officer of Bon Secours Mercy Health, shares her perspective on the changing role of the CMO and the need for digital patient experience strategies to be less transactional and more relational. Learn how to get to know your patients and members better and understand their behavior, where consumerism and technology fit into the patient experience, and how to effectively partner with clinical counterparts to make an impact.

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