More Than The Sum of Its Parts: The Synergistic Power of Precision Nudging & Multiple Interventions

Lirio delivers Precision Nudging Interventions to our clients’ populations across a broad and growing spectrum of the care continuum. Increasingly, clients recognize the value of many interventions across their population, and consumers increase engagement and improve outcomes at higher rates when they are eligible for more interventions.

For Rochester Regional Health in New York, Lirio has deployed several interventions, including colonoscopy, mammography, and well woman visits. Lirio’s Behavioral Reinforcement Learning algorithms–our proprietary form of AI–selects and delivers the Behavioral Science Solution via email or text most likely to move them to act.

Our data shows that the more interventions a person is eligible for, the more likely they are to engage with the health system, schedule appointments, and show up for them.

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You can also read more about how Lirio’s Precision Nudging™ solution moved unengaged patients to schedule and attend their mammograms here.