Data Engineer

Lirio applies the psychology of human behavior and the power of advanced machine learning to help healthcare and energy enterprises drive individuals toward positive behavior change at scale. Lirio delivers mass personalization by harnessing behavioral intelligence to surface the right message to the right person to drive the right action at the right time. 

Lirio is looking for a Data Engineer to join our Data Science Team. Data Engineers at Lirio are responsible for managing our data platform, ingesting and transforming data sources, and cataloging data assets. We work with teams across the entire organization to automate, streamline, and support data operations. 

An ideal candidate has strong data literacy, understands security and data governance, and is familiar with technologies similar to the ones we use including Python, Docker, Airflow, Snowflake, Kafka, Kubernetes, and AWS. 



  • Work with our lead Data Engineer to oversee and evolve our data platform. 
  • Create and manage data warehouse objects, users, roles, and permissions. 
  • Evaluate new data sources to understand requirements for acquisition, transformation, and governance. 
  • Create and automate data ingestion and transformation using a configuration driven process on our data ingestion framework.
  • Develop tools and libraries to support data operations.
  • Provide support to Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Software Engineers as the primary consumers of data products.
  • Collaborate with individuals and teams across the organization to support data operations.
  • Advocate for responsible data governance and security practices. 



Additional Opportunities

  • Feature engineering from unstructured or semi-structured data. 
  • Development and enhancement of new features in our data platform. 
  • Data acquisition 



  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent and proven work experience. 
  • Demonstrated capability in data engineering or data integration. 
    • 2+ years of directly relevant experience. 
    • 5+ years of software engineering experience.
  • Expertise in two or more: 
    • ETL/ELT 
    • Data modeling 
    • Python 
    • Airflow, Prefect, Luigi, or similar 
    • Postgres, Redshift, Snowflake, or similar 
    • Kafka, Kubernetes, or similar 
    • Ethical handling of sensitive data
  • Ability to work with multiple teams and internal customers.
  • Strong data literacy and a working knowledge of various data formats including CSV, JSON, and fixed width
  • Experience with cloud platforms, preferably AWS. 


To apply, please send your resume and LinkedIn URL to and specify the position for which you are applying in the subject line.