Patrick Hunt

Chief Strategy Officer

"I once had a boss who was in the office for a website launch. He didn’t see the months of hard work we did prior ..."

“... So, when he saw it, he said 'Whoa, that was easy!' and a few weeks later, this showed up on my desk.”

As Chief Strategy Officer at Lirio, Patrick serves as the vision-caster and big idea generator for the technology we make, leading the charge as we build an engine to achieve clear, positive communication outcomes for our clients and their contacts. Patrick has over 30 years’ experience in consulting for Fortune 1000 companies, early stage and emerging start-ups, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. He is also well versed in brand design, marketing strategy, e-commerce websites, web-based applications, and content sites. With strong conceptual and facilitation skills in executive strategy and product visualization, Patrick helps create user-centered, market-leading online solutions.



Fun Facts:

Mac or PC: “Mac. Are you for real?”

Favorite music genre: “Alt-country (Uncle Tupelo, Jayhawks, early Wilco, etc.)”

Hobbies/Interests: “Travel, cooking, wine, cycling, and Apple.”

Favorite thing from childhood: “Being at the lake: fishing, boating, skiing, swimming…”

Other: Chattanooga, Tennessee is Patrick’s hometown.

He believes in family first. He and his wife, Melanie, have a daughter named Camille.

Along with his background in digital product development and behavioral economics, Patrick is also a leader in marketing automation, user research, information architecture, interactive design, and more.