Greg Corujo

Software Engineer

“Unorthodox … But effective.” – Enter the Dragon

“I wanna’ dance.” – Dazed and Confused

Greg is a highly capable programmer and software engineer focused primarily on Lirio’s core API (application programming interface). He is dedicated to deeply understanding coding patterns and their applications and skilled in test driven development and program management, making him an excellent asset to our tech team.



Fun Facts:

Mac or PC? “Mac, Linux, and PC—in that order.”

Favorite artist: “Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, Moana), Whitney Houston, Hall & Oats, Tribe Called Quest, Spinners”

Favorite thing as a child: “My family went camping a lot and my brother and sister and I would always play Dungeons & Dragons while we were camping, which was pretty cool.”

Special hobbies/interests: “I’m originally from New York, and that’s where I used to play pool; 8 ball, but I’m not against 9 ball.”

Quote: “My father is Puerto Rican. So, you could say I’m sorta Rican. I have a 2-year-old son, so he’s quarta Rican.”

Other: Greg Corujo (pronounced with a silent “j”) lives in Knoxville with his wife and 2-year-old son, Zander.

Greg originally hails from New York but has lived in Knoxville for 2.5 years.

He is an interesting, “sorta Rican” guy with an aversion to cliché quotes, an eclectic taste in music, and a penchant for 8 ball.