Andrew Bolce

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer

“I work with the devs to make sure quality standards are maintained.”

“My primary notetaking machine … it’s a lot of notes!”

Andrew’s quality management helps ensure our technology maintains the highest standards at all times. With years of experience planning and writing automated test suites, reducing test cycle time, and increasing efficiency, Andrew takes a hands-on, active role in working with the team to perfect Lirio’s processes and products.



Fun Facts

Mac or PC: “Valve Knuckles, the next Google glasses, NVIDIA Tegra … Basically, wearables.”

Favorite artist: “Aphex Twin and Red Snapper (electronic dance music mixed in with jazz) … They paint a good picture.”

Favorite thing as a child: “Mostly reading science fiction … big Foundation fan.”

Special hobbies/interests: “More reading. A little bit of development on the side, game design, and hiking in the smokies. I like to go outside, clear the head a little bit, and come back and crank on it.”

Location: Born and raised in Oak Ridge, Andrew is a true native to the Knoxville area, though he did spend some time in Long Island for graduate school.

Other: Beyond quality management, his broader interests include hiking, game design, wearable technology, and a mix of EDM and jazz music.


Lirio Award Winner

“Fun, No Games” – 2018

Play is an important part of our culture, but political games, entitlement, and division of the team are just not us. We respect diversity in thought, debate, and dialogue.

Extra Credit

  • Psychonomics Presentation 2005, Character Attributes and the Representation of Fictional Information