Application Support Manager

Lirio applies the psychology of human behavior and the power of advanced machine learning to help healthcare and energy enterprises drive individuals toward positive behavior change at scale. Lirio delivers mass personalization by harnessing behavioral intelligence to surface the right message to the right person to drive the right action at the right time. 

The Application Support Manager will play a vital role at Lirio. She will administrate application support, aid our Client Support and Marketing Teams, help develop infrastructure, help administer our cloud and SaaS infrastructure, such as Amazon Web Services and Office 365, and build pipelines as code for distributed, scalable services and APIs.  

We are looking for someone to make an immediate impact and help us deliver behavior change. If you have the energetic knack of a true technologist and are comfortable learning technologies and concepts to assist with various technical tasks, then you will be a good fit for our team. 



  • Work in a highly collaborative, multi-tasking, continually learning, agile, DevOps team. 
  • Manage teams to secure fitness of resources and resolve all problems. 
  • Produce high-quality work and always demonstrate a high work ethic . 
  • Communicate effectively and clearly; fail fast and learn from mistakes. 
  • Administer requirements and tasks for an application support team.
  • Evaluate all problems and impact analyses and recommend solutions and workarounds.
  • Provide technical support to all applications and resolve issues.
  • Secure clear possession of problem identification, its analysis, impact analysis, and solutions.
  • Support other internal teams’ use of technology and processes; this may include coding, data ETL, software configuration, building web pages, etc.
  • Support the Product and Software Development Teams by administering tools they use such as Team Services, Github, Lucidchart, and others.
  • Onboard new Technology Team members.
  • Develop and maintain multiple interfaces for customer applications.
  • Assist representatives from counterparts of application and resource planning, comprehend all business requirements, and prepare documents.
  • Supervise everyday requests for matters related to growth, resources, and vendors, and resolve issues related to production and development.
  • Perform operations activities such as system configuration management and infrastructure setup.
  • Perform administrative tasks related to cloud, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS infrastructure and applications such as AWS and Office 365.
  • Coordinate with vendors and other business users and provide technical assistance for all applications.
  • Administer all implementation issues and generate short-term resolutions, as well as long term preventive measures for development.
  • Be willing to “sometimes” help in a cross functional and limited polyglot manner; possibilities include: learning and helping with the UI or backend services, helping the data science team, helping with cloud and infrastructure engineering, contributing to designs and architecture. (There will be plenty of learning and mentoring opportunities; we love career passion.)
  • Participate in peer reviews of code, designs, and tests with support team members.
  • Write and verify documentation related to infrastructure, products, and tools; API, Wiki, Dev docs, release notes, processes, use of technology, roles & responsibilities, etc.
  • Help identify risks and propose solutions. 



  • 10+ years of proven work experience (priority); Bachelor’s Degree or greater taken into consideration. 
  • 10+ years using technical tools for some form of application programming or business use cases.
  • 5+ years supporting customers and applications.
  • 5+ years supporting different SaaS products.
  • 5+ years of hands-on experience with databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL with SQL skills.
  • 5+ years using office suites such as the Microsoft Office applications for documentation and communication.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Use of source control systems such as Git or Mercurial.
  • Use of issue tracking or ticket management systems.
  • Some experience and understanding of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or other cloud providers.
  • Programming language familiarity and use for automation: Java, Python, C#, C++, PHP, TypeScript and/or JavaScript; others possible. 


To apply, please send your resume and LinkedIn URL to and specify the position for which you are applying in the subject line.