Greg Stielstra

Greg Stielstra is Senior Behavioral Design Director. He’s spent 27 years applying behavioral science to solving marketing and engagement challenges in several industries, but especially healthcare. He’s written a couple of books on marketing, spoken on behavioral science at TEDx, SXSW, and the Forbes CMO Summit, studied behavioral science under Robert Cialdini and Dan Ariely and taught principles of marketing at Vanderbilt.
Articles by Greg Stielstra
Rationally Healthy: Overcoming Ourselves To Feel Our Best

Rationally Healthy: Overcoming Ourselves To Feel Our Best

Julie O’Brien, Principal and Behavioral Scientist at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University and Opower alum, shares her findings with Lirio’s Senior Director of Behavioral Science, Greg Stielstra. Listen for a brief description of social proof and learn how behavioral science can be applied in real life to help people make healthier decisions—from vaccinations to dieting and beyond.

34-minute listen